Now that the lockout seems to be over, I think it's about time to start talking fantasy leagues.

In the past I've played in quite a few fantasy leagues, but all of them were public leagues (on espn last year) where about half of the players don't participate much after the draft and/or quit when behind. So I'd like to play in one or a couple of leagues where everybody participates.

Will there be any leagues organised here on RR? And what type of leagues will they be. I don't favor head to head leagues as I can't check my line-up daily or occassionaly even weekly and I think they can become quite the crapshot at the end of the year when injuries and luck play a bigger role (in my opinion of course). The keeper league is head to head right?

I favor roto leagues with a limit on the number of games per position and an auction draft (these are fun!).