On the court, there remain many questions about the Raptors as they continue a three-year rebuilding process under new coach Dwane Casey.

However, if the terms reported for the new collective bargaining agreement all pan out, the Raptors — with a payroll of about $50 million committed to 10 players — will have some wiggle room regardless of what the final number is.

Whether they are able to pick up a bargain-priced veteran who is released by his current team is a possibility they will explore but general manager Bryan Colangelo may want to hold on to the financial “flexibility” and see how the start of the season shakes out.

Source: Doug Smith, Toronto Star

The bolded is the first time frame placed on the Raptors rebuild.

Does anyone know if this is Doug Smith connecting dots of 2 year deals with a third year team option or has Colangelo said at some point we are on a three year plan?