Big hopes have been pinned on Casey's arrival, as a defensive minded coach with a talent for creating systems that maximize his resources. But what can he realistically accomplish between December 9th and the Raps first game? And then on in the season with the Raptors playing 3.9 games a week?

During the two week training camp, a lot of time is going to be spent getting the guys into game shape. During the season, even though 48 games are in their own conference, and only 18 are in the West, there will still be a lot of days given over to travel. The Raptors will be lucky to average one decent practice a week during the season.

If you are trying to instil a new system, repetition is essential I would think. Maybe Casey can somehow dumb things down. If not, I wouldn't expect to see any significant defensive breakthroughs with this team.