Ok my mind is starting to focus again on basketball and I'm thinking if we are going to tank the season anyway why not bring some players in to cheer/boo for that have had links to the Raptors in the past and fill a void. (please realize this is mostly in fun ok)

We need 5 players to fill out the roster and with some teams looking to reduce their salaries with the Amnesty Clause or use the new waiver option here are my 5 choices so we would either but a bid in on them or try to sign them as FA once they are cut from their present teams.

PG Billups (3rd pick 1997 trade for Kenny Anderson) is owed 14M in NY and for them to make any move they may have to let him go. Imagine if we had kept him from way back in 98.

SG Carter (5th pick 1998 trade for Jamison) is owed 18M in Phoenix and pretty sure that he will be dropped. Whether you boo or cheer him it will give the fans something to do

SF McGrady (9th pick 1997) played for min salary last year in Detroit and hey if you bring Carter back why not unite the traitor cousin also!!!

PF Jamison (4th pick 1998) is owed 15M in Cleveland and may be an amnesty choice there. Since we drafted him and never had him play for us it might be interesting to have him.

C Camby (2nd pick 1996) is owed 11M in Portland and could also be a potential Amnesty choice

Wouldn't have been a bad nucleus eh........lol