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Thread: Tyson Chandler looking for a new team

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    Default Tyson Chandler looking for a new team

    Last year I was all for the trade if it went down, but now I don't really want the Raps to spend the money on him considering JV will be coming next year.

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    If he picks Toronto then there are positives. That's why I'm not totally broken up by it...

    • He picked Toronto even though they didn't have the cap space to overpay. This tells you a lot about the respect Casey brings to the team and how well Colangelo has done with rebuilding the team since Bosh left town. It means the league perception of the Raptors is on a positive rise.
    • They get an excellent player who can live up to his contract and offer enough to contribute to something meaningful on a second contract down the road.
    • The Raptors are still going to stink and will still be in the lottery. Their chances won't be as high to get a top three pick but that doesn't mean they won't get a top three pick. They could opt to do nothing now, get screwed in the lotto and end up with less talent this time next year. It's why it's called a lottery. It's one big gamble. Look at how the Bulls won Rose.
    • If they hit the cap now, signing JV and the next 1st rounder in the summer puts them well over. Spending over cap leads to good things when it's on the right players. If they don't sign a player now to move them to the cap then once they sign JV and the first rounder in the summer that will put them near or over cap. It's kind of like a wasted opportunity to not spend extra money on a really good player.

      I'm not saying they should sign Chandler, I'm just giving you reasons as to how it could work out in a positive scenario. Most are only considering the negative... That being less balls in the bin. That guarantees nothing more than more balls in the bin.

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