Bosh, Calderon and POB to Sacramento for

T. Evans, J. Thompson, along with Abdur-Rahim and K. Thomas and their combined $15 million in expiring contracts.

This is not as ridiculous as it might seem at first.

1. T. Evans is a big and strong PG who will become an all-star within a couple of years. He already plays a pretty good defense, better than Calderon.

2. J. Thompson is not a CB4 but he is young and big and has a pretty good all around game. He is averaging 14 and 9 in his second year and should only continue to get better. Raptors wouldn't lose much on the defensive side at this time by exchanging CB4 for him.

3. $15 million in Cap space coming off of the books on July 1st.

Would the Kings do this deal?