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Alright dude. You're right. You're clearly the type of person who needs to always be right. Your argument makes very little sense, but you're right.

Why is it easier to lose weight when you're heavier? When I was on my high school team, our biggest guy had the hardest time losing weight. And if a guy is an athlete much of the weight above the average is muscle and then it becomes very complicated figuring out where they need to be at to stay health and strong. But you know, you must be right, because I'm assuming you have a degree in sports science or medicine.

*note: I'm not claiming to be an expert, all I ever said was I was worried how his weight might affect his health and figure given he's always been skinny and small-framed, losing a like 10 lbs might be for the best. I'm sure at least 5-10 will be burned off over the course of the season regardless.
Apparently YOU'RE also the type of person that always needs to be right, as well. Otherwise you wouldn't have a problem, here. Would you?

I just brought up something from experience that I felt was related to the topic being discussed. Never claimed to be an expert, either. Never said I was right or wrong or that anyone else was.

And the reason heavier people can gain and lose weight easier is because it's a smaller percentage of weight for them. A fluctuation of 10 pounds for a person 300 pounds is like a fluctuation of 5 pounds for someone who's 150 pounds.