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Thread: Colangelo interview - December 12

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    Default Colangelo interview - December 12

    If you are interested in Colangelo's (public) thoughts, here you go.

    Seeks input from Dwane Casey and Dwight Howard on all personnel decisions. Had been looking for veteran presence - mission accomplished.

    More presence in the paint - remove Reggie Evans and replace with Gray and Magloire.

    Waiting for Gary Forbes situation to resolve. If DEN matches they have back up (Matt52 thoughts: Brewer or Reggie Williams, please!).

    Not making many more roster changes additions at this time. As much about changing culture than adding talent. Wants to find out what the young guys have. Looking to add pieces next year.

    3:00 mark talks about Ed Davis. First public comments I've heard from him on ED. "A lot of high hope for him at the power forward spot whether you project him out as a starter or reserve he has a lot of upside." "Ed has a bright future." "In a situation to get a lot of playing time." Added size and strength which will help him. "Excited to see where Ed takes it."

    Dwane really wanted Anthony Carter.

    Second youngest last year, Raptrs have added age and experience. Going to go a long way in the locker room. Magloire said some things in the first player meeting that has not been said in Toronto in a long time. They have guys who will step up and say some things at half time now - a lot of silence in the past.

    Plan to move up the defensive rankings.

    At the end of the day what we intend to do to make this a successful campaign:
    - instilling defensive system
    - instill culture, not just better defensive but overall lets get tougher, get meaner, not back down, get better overall.
    - looking to establish something with these guys - a lot of expectations.
    - we are not going to lay down,
    - accountability for performance and how they play.

    BC's role stays the same.
    Ed great valuable resource to help form consensus opinions and BC makes final call.

    ED - scouting process of pro, international, college
    Maurizmo: International scouting
    JT: pro personnel scouting
    Mark Eversley: college scouting

    More brain power in the room next year.

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    Corey Brewer, he can be a part of the future right?

    PS> Sorry, you have the faux-GM listed above in Ed Stefanski right?
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