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i applaud your enthusiasm, but i have to be skeptical that bargs will bring in a lottery pick, especially in a deep draft such as this. yes, he's got talent, and i'm sure that there will always be teams who value what he brings - especially lottery teams (because, y'know, they're lottery teams for a reason). but i really can't see him bringing back a lottery pick, given what he is as a player, and the cap hit whatever team acquiring him would be taking.

if bargs is dealt, i have to think that the raps would have to take back a fairly sizable contract (on a fairly mediocre player) in order to get a lottery pick as part of the deal.
Good points. How about trading him to a veteran team that is trying to be good this year but ultimately ends up having a dissapointing season? I'm sure at the start of the 2011 Utah, Phoenix and Houston all thought they would make the playoffs but didn't.

Obviously this is a gamble because there is no guarantee that these teams have poor seasons however for arguments sake how about employing a strategy of being proactive and making a move for AB with Denver, San Antonio (highly unlikely), Atlanta, or Portland and hope they desperately don't make the playoffs? Maybe NJ would be interested as their owner has deeper pockets than most and seems intent on adding talent now. Send us back Outlaw and their pick (all wishful thinking of course). It all depends on if there is mutual interest, however we know BC can sell and if they think that he might be a piece to help their team it might be worth a shot. He's also said that Andrea is the player he gets the most calls about. If so, this should indicate that there would be willing trade partners that are interested in acquiring him.