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Thread: The untold story of Jamaal Magloire and Roy Hibbert.

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    Default The untold story of Jamaal Magloire and Roy Hibbert.

    The Raptor's had made tonight the unofficial "Magloire Night". He addressed the fans, Dwane Casey, and Bryan Colangelo, with his thanks for being signed. He is a Canadian on the Raptors. Pretty big deal. What is shocking is he played a solid 15 minutes with heart and defensive intensity (that has not been seen very often on this Raptor squad). During the game people were chanting his name. It seemed like he had become a fan favourite in only his second game as a Raptor. After he drew a double foul on Tyler Hansbrough (and flattened him out might I add), there was a sense of disbelief from the crowd. Who knew he would be so aggressive? He played a good game (though it was far from perfect), but the real part that caught my eye was in the 3rd quarter (just after the Pacers had stretched out the lead), he had a little tiff with Roy Hibbert (who was traded to Indiana from Toronto). As Hibbert began to check Magloire, Hibbert had grabbed his hand, and tugged it a little. They exchanged words after the whistle. Roy Hibbert was jawing the rest of the night. This was adding to the ever growing rivalry that is Toronto and Indiana.

    After the 4th quarter, and after the loss had been secured, Jamaal Magloire walked over to the tunnel (right at section 117) and stood there. He highfived his teammates as they walked by, and glared at the court. He was talking with the fans a bit, and gave some smiles and laughs. As Roy Hibbert walked by, it began. Jamaal Magloire got right in his face. They shoved each other and swore for about 10 seconds, and it took maybe 8 players to break them up. Jamaal Magloire was acting like a real bad ass. He was acting with pride. He put Hibbert in his place, orr so that is how it looked to me.

    I have seen little written or spoken about this (probably because it was outside of the media's view) but I am curious to see what you all think.

    To me, personally, I loved it. For the first time in a while, I felt like the game mattered. I felt emotion from a player. I like how we have a guy with 6 fouls to give, who will not care who he gives them to. I also see that in the Roll Call, Jamaal Magloire was given the prestigious "Under the Bus" award (with merit as well).

    Just my opinion. I loved it.

    Leave your opinions and thoughts.

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