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Congrats to him coming back ahead of schedule! I'm not too sure on how much impact he makes. I don't think he's the difference maker that pulls them out of the basement and into the playoffs. I'm not even sure where he fits right now. James Johnson and Butler are playing well enough at the 3. The 4 is a logjam.
There's redundancy on our roster with Butler's current inability to hit a shot, and J.Johnson's CAREER inability to hit a shot (lol). But both do a good job on the defensive end. But on the other hand, Kleiza is basically the exact opposite (solid offensive arsenal, but can be exposed defensively against quicker wings).

However a Kleiza plus J.Johnson combo might be exactly what the doctor ordered to keep opposing teams off balance. Maybe J.Johnson starts games (he'll probably get better looks playing with Bargs, Calderon and DeMar more often), but doesn't need to have plays run for him....and he keeps guys like Granger, LeBron, Gay, Melo, etc. from getting hot to start games.

Then when we go to the bench, which has a tendency to struggle on the offensive end without Bargs, Calderon or DeMar on the floor, Kleiza steps in and takes over the scoring role. Barbosa will soon be traded, so we can't rely on him for long. And Bayless just isn't good enough to shoulder that scoring role alone.