I posted this in the Dwight Trade Rumor post but its not a rumor... just an Idea.

I know this will sound crazy at first but think about this trade idea

Dwight Howard for Lebron James

Orlando needs to trade Dwight before the end of the year or risk losing him for nothing.
Obviously they would be ex-static to get Lebron for a few year and a shot to rebuild around him.

Miami looks good this year and could win it all... but they could falter in the fourth again with Lebron's disappearing act.

A Starting Line Up of Chalmers, Wade, LeBron, Bosh and Anthony is good but there are 2 big holes
plus a key player, Shane Battier, are on the bench are wasted behind LeBron, playing about 10-15 mins.

Chalmers, Wade, Battier, Bosh and Howard is a much more balanced team with better D, and Cole, Jones, Miller, Haslem and Anthony still on the bench. I don't think they lose a step on offence with Wade, Bosh and Howard. Still a HUGE "Big 3".

The main problem with Miami is that both Wade and LeBron need to the ball in their hands to be most effective. They are 1 and 1a. One of them needs to step aside to let the other one take over. So far its been LeBron in the first 3 quarters and Wade to finish the game.
With Wade and Howard, everyone has a much more defined role and the offense becomes more natural with a regular inside/outside flow.
Bosh is happier now that he does have to play the 5 and is free to play the high post.
Bosh and Howard would be a monster duo inside making it very difficult to double Dwight.
Battier starts at the 3 given a very strong defensive presence and 3pt shooting and of course the "intangibles" that he is known for.
Wade may not love the idea but its either LeBron or Wade that you trade for Howard and I would rather have Wade's killer instincts. And he has shown he can play (and win it all) with a dominate center.
Howard will be happiest of all with a real chance at a championship again. Do you remember how dominate a happy-go-lucky Dwight was a few years ago?? Scary!!
Miami becomes the heavy favorite to win it all!

David Stern and the NBA is happy that Orlando will remain significant with Lebron and not become the next Toronto or New Orleans (Sorry Raptors/Hornets fans but we are the NBA waste-land now)

This trade well for all and everyone is happy (well, except LeBron... I guess that's the consequence of someone's "Decision")