Buzz kill time.

The Raps are at .500 after playing some really good ball against good and bad teams.

Things are going so well after a short period of time with a new coach, new systems, etc. that many are whispering (or shouting!) p-l-a-y-o-f-f-s.

Something to remember: last year the Raptors started 2-9 in their first 11 games. They then went 6-2 for a record of 8-11 and were sniffing the 7/8th seed. Wins came versus PHI (2x), BOS, HOU, OKC, and WSH with a close loss to BOS and a blowout loss to ATL. At that time people started whispering playoffs. We know what happened next. The Raps finished the year 14-47.

So what is my point, other than to be a d!ck? It is still early.

That brings me to another early season issue.

Would you rather make the playoffs or get a high lottery pick?