Rasual Butler
- below NCAA standards for spot up shooting CLANG! below average passer. Does not really show indication of desire or ability to explode to the net against even an average defender.

- I suppose they brought him in to be a stopper. He has his moments but you see him get lost on assignments like when the took Jose of DWILL and put him on, Butler was no better

- this guy cant leave town fast enough. How can I put it... he is hard to watch. I am not going to dump on BC for getting him because this season was all about the draft and getting minutes for young players. A really bad season could mean Raps 2nd round pick is a top PG which would make the memory of Butlers contribution fade quickly.

James Johnson
To date he has played 111 games (1,760 min) which for all intents and purposes makes him barely a sophomore. By contrast DeRozen has played 167 game (4700 mins). He shows some explosiveness and mismatch ability which appears promising at times, even very promising.

On the other hand his shot is inexplicably pudrid. His setup, release, set position right on down the line he doesn't even look like a pro who he gets a decent look.

A superb defender. Naturally athletic great anticipation. Block on Iggy last night was made to look easy.

If James spent as much time in the offseason on his shooting mechanics and reps as he did his ridiculous hair styles it would seem like he would be on track for trending his career up. He didn't and he although he may not shoot/brick his way out of the league his is rapidly developing a reputation player who should be the 5th option on the floor in an offensive set. (Ben Wallace... or will he put in the work??).

Linas Kleiza
far more accomplished scorer than either of the other two. With any luck Butler will be a fixture on the bench next to Johnny Davis upon his arrival. From distance or on the block Kleiza's offensive game will be a welcome addition.

-Before his surgery he as among the weakest perimeter defenders in the league. I suspect little will change however the team is playing better collective defence so it may not be as pronounced.

Drafting Harrison Barnes or Michael Gilchrist would be nice.