I am excited we are back on the court! Then reality sinks in... I am a Raptors fan. My dad said "Screw the NBA! They almost canceled the season because everybody wants more $$$. The best thing everybody can do is NOT watch. That's the only way the owners, the league & players will understand they get too much $$$." I agreed with him, but the excitement of a GREAT game of ball is just too much to miss out on.

Then it dawned on me. A cramped season with stuff like 7 games in 9 night. Hmmmm.... When I play on ‘my’ Dream Team, between 2am - 6am, coach is always pushing me hard. I said “Coach, I can’t give you 110% this season. I just can’t risk the injury. I have no time to heal. Can you sub in Joe Bench Warmer more often while I rest my Super Star body.” Coach said “Yep, that’s the plan. This season is going to be lack luster for all teams. The year of the Bench. Just coast this season my Super Star. Just here for a pay cheque this season anyway. You’ll be too worn out with this crazy schedule & much more prone to injury. I don’t want you playing too hard anyway. You’ll only see the Super Stars try when the Playoff run starts this season.”

Then I woke up in a cold sweat and thought “Is this the season we have to look forward too? Super Stars coasting & riding the pine. While the bench gets the minutes & mucks it up on the court? And NBA TV charging full price for half a lack luster season!?!” Maybe I’ll just pull a Rip Van Winkle and sleep this season. Wake up in the Fall with our new draft pick, Valanciunas ready to play and my Sky High hopes of winning the Championship next year .

Am I out in left field with this? Or has anyone else had these scary thoughts of the Pine Riders taking over the NBA this season?

(Hopefully u guys can spur up a good thread here. I won't have time to check it. Just curious to hear what the fans are thinking.)