this has been bothering me for some time now. it's probably the single most important thing Casey can do to imrove my enjoyment while watching the raptors. i thought for sure it would have been mentioned before, maybe by doughy smith over at the star, or by the crew at TBJ, or maybe by holly, but alas, i've not yet seen it. nor have i heard it mentioned by leo or jack or matt or even grange. rod black wouldn't notice it (because he quite obviously is a robot).

please dwane, for the love of all that's holy...LET THE PG INBOUND THE FUCKING BALL.

look, i get that there's a 'reason' why non-PGs are assigned that task. but c'mon, man. at least 4 times/game, after a made hoop by the opposition, the ball will just fall into the PGs hands (i notice it more with carter than jose), who is invaribly standing between 3 & 10 inches from the baseline. 8 other players have either already crossed halfcourt or are about to, there is ZERO pressure being applied, and the guy who's 'job' it is to inbound the ball is standing between the FT line & the 3pt line. just take the half step over the baseline, and pass it the fuck in. HE WILL THEN PASS IT RIGHT BACK. but NOOOOOO...that's against the rules. let's make the 7-footer trudge back those 15-20 feet so he can take the ball from jose/AC, pass it the 2 feet into him, and waste ANOTHER 10 SECONDS OF MY LIFE. watching these guys is painful enough without adding an extra minute to the total process.