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Dragic has everything it takes to be a starting PG. I have no clue where you're coming from.
Nobody is questioning his talent, only the amount he's apparently getting paid. He could go on to become a top-tier starting PG, or he could plateau (or even worse regress), proving to be one of a long line of players who put up big numbers in a contract year and then never fulfilled the expectations that came with the big contract they signed. I'd give that kind of money to a proven commodity, but not to a guy who only started for half a season leading up to a new contract.

For me personally, he's not the type of PG that I'm hoping for, to become the Raptors' PG-of-the-future. I much prefer traditional pass-first floor general PG (like Nash and Calderon), who make their teammates better and look for their own shot after looking to get their teammates going. Dragic is more of a 'me first' PG, IMO (not horribly, but still more than ideal).