you know the saying your a woos and a pussy and that makes you a woosy or something like that.

Well, sometimes it seems some NBA players don't live by that rule. now, sometimes they are badly injured and you can get severe injuries playing this game. But, with nhl players seemingly get their teeth knocked out, go in for like root canal and come back out and play and NFL players taking serious knocks and playing the next game.

It seems as though NBA players may be soft, to possibly even further strengthen my point, how many times have we seen Steve Nash take a serious spill or lickin' and come back and play the next game. Then, you hear about things like Stephen Curry sitting out his 7th! straight game with an "ankle injury". Now, maybe it's due to further complications or lack of specifics or maybe it can be attributed to everyone having different levels of dedication.

However, I question whther some of these guys are just milking it due to them being on a bad team or laziness (sometimes it's a personal/family issue) or whther they are just being babies about it and should drag their ass onto the court and play through these seemingly "minor" injuries.

I mean, I understand one or two games. but, once it get's close to ten these thoughts enter your brain.