I've been over it and over it checking out the position needs, the contracts, talent level including prosects,and the win loss records of every team in the league. T.O has the best chance at pulling this off.
While I know it sounds far fetched and it's probably something knowones considered. This trade:

Hedo Turkoglu
Jose Calderon
Demar Derozan
1st Round pick (maybe)

Dwayne Wade

If Miami made this trade they give up there superstar and still be as Competitive as they are right now if not more.
They have a good PF with Beasly who will most likely turn into an all star. J.O is still a solid center both those guys would excel with the play making that comes with Hedo and Jose Also they would have a SG (Derozan) with a ton of potential for the future. Plus this summer with all the expiring contracts they would still have the cap space to sign a guy like Joe Johnson, yet another smart spot up guy who would benefit from playing with two great play makers. Calderon is great in a half court set and that's what Miami likes to run for the most part.
Wade would work in T.O for obvious reasons. I'm sure if Bosh and Wade could be on a team together it might as well be in Toronto.
Colangelo could sign them both to long term deals and have one of the best cores in the league.
Most of all both teams could feel good that they didn't send good players to losing teams essensially screwing them over. Win Win
There is a hand full of teams I can see that could pull off a fair trade for Wade. However there playoff bound teams that would have to blow up their core and hope everything works out. This trade would be good for everyone, players, owners, teams ect.
On the other hand I could just be a hopeful and bias Raps fan.