So now Deron Williams is saying his preferred destinations (if NJ does not get Howard and therefore he stays with the Nets) are Dallas, the Knicks or the Lakers. (sound familiar?)

If NJ see no way into the Howard kingdom, they might look to trade Williams to avoid getting crap/nothing in return which means the Lakers since NJ reportedly wants nothing to do with Mav players that would be available, and cap space means little with Williams gone.

NJ: Pau Gasol, and a 1st rounder?
LAL: Deron Williams.

Now of course there is opportunity for other bit players to be involved but for simplicity sake the only 2 that matter are these two. The Lakers become thin up front but were going to do the same thing for CPaul, and they say they can get a serviceable PF (with the Odom TPE?).

This MAY interest NJ since they would have likely a good pick in this draft to get a stud SF (like we want to) to go with a lineup of:

PG: JFarmar, SGaines
SG: AMorrow, MBrooks
SF: draft, DJames, whomever they keep
PF: PGasol, KHumphries
C: BLopez, JPetro
Actually a potential lineup with options instead of jack sh$t.

...but above all can you imagine the ego personnae of Kobe, DWilliams, Metta, Matt Barnes and the wildcard of DCaracter in the same locker room? That is a cauldron of toil and trouble that may just be interesting to watch all its own!