This is not a fanboy post.

I am a tough critic of Raps and Many of Colangelo's moves.

Raps are 2 games out of 8th 3 games out of 7th why are they playoff bound?

1) They are defending (finally the raps are hard to score on)
2) After that rough January they are getting stronger not ready to mail in the season
3) 14 road games 7 home games played (nuff said)
4) Dwane Casey has them buying in. He is a wonderful coach and they are listening to him - team is playing hard and unselfish.

Neeto stat: James Johnson is 9th in the league in blocked shots (who knows how many altered or deflected shots) I know many disagree with me but I think he is almost becoming a Pippen-esque type of defender. He is everywhere.

James Johnson 27 games 490 mins -> 35 blocks
Rafael Araujo 139 games 1585 mins -> 16 blocks

I know draft watchers wanted a tank season - I think they will be disappointed. But this is good for the team.