Antoine Wright

Overall grade: C-

Strengths: The Raptors most experienced defensive player on the perimeter; strong enough to match up against stretch fours and crafty enough to chase shooting guards.

Needs to work on: Fitness. His initial impact was compromised after missing considerable time in training camp with a knee problem. Offensively doesn’t offer what DeRozan or Weems or even Belinelli does. Look for the Raptors to try and package his expiring contract before the trade deadline.
Chris Bosh

Overall grade: A+

Strengths: Strength. Is pulling three offensive rebounds a game which puts him tied for 13th in that category. No other elite scorer is rebounding at that rate on the offensive glass. His effort there and getting to the free throw line (9.2 FTA/game) allow him to carry the Raptors offensive load efficiently and without dominating the ball to the point it chokes off other guys. That he’s played every game and is leading the league in double-doubles is also a tribute to his off-season work. Has been close to brilliant in how he’s deflected chatter about his future.

Needs to work on: Staying healthy and maintaining his approach on the glass and in doing the hard work getting to the line. As the season begins to unfold as he hopes leading by example won’t be enough; he’ll need to actively bring the group together on and off the floor.
Amir Johnson

Overall grade: C+

Strengths: There is very little not to like about Johnson’s effort so far this season. Watching him sprint the floor like a wide receiver at 6-foot-11 and finish in transition or dive on the floor for loose balls is a pleasure. He’s also a surprisingly deft finisher around the rim as evidence by his 56.7 shooting percentage. The Raptors could benefit if he could play more than 17 minutes a game

Weaknesses: By far his biggest weakness is his tendency to foul at the rate of 6.8 per 36 minutes. It reduces his court time and reduces his effectiveness. He will never over-power his opponents but his length, speed and quickness means he doesn’t need to pick up as many lazy fouls as he does. His foul rate has increased each year in the league and his free throw shooting has got worse. These obstacles are preventing him from becoming one of the league’s truly top-notch energy players and are well within his control to fix.
The Globe and Mail

Wright may be gone. He seems like a piece that is expendable, that's for sure.

Am I the only one who feels he got Bosh's grade right but he missed the ball on Johnson?