So, I had to do a system restore of my computer because something got fucked up and the only application/program that was compatible with my computer was internet explorer. Which is almost as big a piss off as my next problem of having to re-copy all the files on my ipod(not purchased through itunes, which is all of them) back to my computer.

So, i'm trying to find a free program because I would rather re-download all of my songs(which is 300 or something like that) than pay for a program. nevermind that i'd use less than rarely and at the ridonkulous prices they charge for some of these programs. I mean, 5 bucks for such a program is even a bit much, nevermind 19.99 and 25.99.

I finally found a program that will do all of my songs for free and it's basically a better version of Itunes, so to "SharePod" I thank and i would even donate to, if i had a paypal account or trusted the internet. Gosh, stupid internet companies can you not recognize that my credit card is coming from a different ip or id than originally. Should you not set up one of those security questions like "what was the name of your first pet" or w/e.

Anyways, just thought i'd share "Sharepod" because I know i'm not the only one who has had this prob.