“I haven’t been this encouraged in a while,” the seven-year veteran, who leads his NBA team in scoring and rebounds, said after practice yesterday. “Before it’s been tough, not winning as many games and kind of leaving things on the table. But this year, we can really start pushing ourselves over .500 and see where we can get at by the end of the season.”
Bosh is on his way to a stellar season, heading to career highs in every significant category and a shoo-in for his fifth consecutive all-star appearance next month. But having led bad teams in the past, he’s much more interested in leading a good one, numbers aside.

“My success depends on team success,” the 25-year-old forward said. “At this point, numbers don’t really mean much. Leading up to all-star weekend, and after, it’s about getting wins and making the playoffs and stuff like that.”

After tonight’s stern test, Toronto then goes to Milwaukee to face the Bucks on the second night of a back-to-back – a situation in which the Raptors have only won once this season.

But thanks to a strong finish to the first half of the season, they can approach their mini road trip with confidence.

“[Before,] we would have a little bit of doubt,” Bosh said. “An ounce of doubt is really going to show on the court. Now, we’re stepping on the court and we’re, ‘Okay, we can beat these guys.’

“You have to have that mentality.”
It's good to see CB4 and the rest of the team confident about the rest of the season. You can see the confidence when they hit the court.

I've said it before and I'll say it again-if the Raps are successful this season (i.e they are competitive in the playoffs), Bosh isn't going anywhere.