Great read from Tim Chisholm.

Discusses some feasible options for Chris as the season moves on with respect to his future with this team. Not the "end is near" rubbish that we've been reading for the last year from American writers on that Bosh can't wait to leave the north and head down south the pursue his career.

Here's are some of Tim's highlight points:

Look, if there is one word that DOESN'T describe Chris Bosh in the slightest, it's malicious. He is not a person who operates from a place of malice, and it would take outright malice for him to leave the Raptors high and dry in the summer of 2010, so it is of course possible that Bosh could be shipped out before he opts-out of his contract. In fact, there isn't an American sportswriter alive who doesn't think that Bosh is dying to bolt the frigid climate of Toronto as soon as he can this summer.

Thus, the time has come for everyone to put together the best trade scenario that gets Bosh out of Toronto now, because Toronto would be foolish (or even irresponsible) to hang on to him past the February 18 trade deadline, since he'd be certain to leave the club only five months later.

Keep in mind that for a lot of teams to get far enough under the cap to sign Bosh away next summer, they'd have to renounce a lot of players, cap holds and cap exceptions, meaning the rosters in questions could be severely depleted by the time Bosh arrives to play on them. What's the breaking point, then, for Bosh looking at rosters that could win now AND afford the salary that he's going to be seeking? Toronto actually being a winning club really muddies that water for a handful of teams looking to pry him away, wouldn't you think?

It's going to be an interesting month for the Raptors on this front. There are no guarantees either way as to what direction Bosh or the Raptors will take leading up to the deadline. Know that if Bosh is traded, it is because the team KNEW that he wasn't coming back. Know also, though, that if he isn't then they have enough reason to believe that re-signing him next summer is a very real possibility regardless of what the gaggle below insists is true.
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