I'll be holding a special night of Raptors basketball in a pub in the east end of Toronto. Watch the game and win prizes!!

When: Wed Jan 20th 8pm.

Where: Stone Cottage Pub (Kingston Road and Eglinton area)

Go Here: Stone Cottage Pub for directions

Notes: The game is on TSN2!
Watch it in HD.
Free Sampler Food plate!

Each person will recieve a free food sampler plate and be entered for prizes INCLUDING tickets to an upcoming Raptors game!

If more than 25 people make it, the tickets will be for the Cleavland Cavs game on Fri Feb 26!

See you there! Steve

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RR Notes: I made it Wed so I wouldnt step on Realizers toes. I have attended his Friday nights and they are a blast. You are encouraged to attend Realizer and bring your games and stuff to promote your Friday night gatherings.