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What I like about JV is what you can see on the replays. He is quick, active, can set picks and rolls to the basket very well, collects rebounds at a high rate (which means he understands where the ball is bouncing to, like Rodman did), is good at put-backs, runs the floor, he boxes out, has great FT % and is accurate on his jump shots from 10 ft. Oh, and he is 7 ft tall and strong.

All of these things will translate very well to the NBA stage. I believe he is going to be a good scorer almost from the start (picking up free throw attempts at a high rate because when he gets the ball he goes for the rim) and, more importantly, he will be a scoring threat other teams are going to have to pay attention to. The other teams bigs will have to work to keep him away from the basket which will open up the lane for the likes of DeRozan and JJ. This is a dimension to his game that will be important for the second unit, and later in his first season the starters.
agree with everything but he will be starting out of the gate