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I think there's a chance. The only thing I don't like about Lin is that he's careless with the ball. But someone's gonna give him a HUGE dollar amount. From a Raptors standpoint, it makes a ton of sense. 23-year old seemingly budding star, and with Toronto having a sizable Asian community, it seems like a nice match.

Here's a question - not saying that I advocate it, but just throwing it out there... Should Lin continue his meteoric ascension, would you amnesty Jose to sign Jeremy Lin?

I'm not sure Lin is possible. He's an RFA, so NY has the ability to match any deal. But the most a team can offer Lin is the MLE, which is $5M. NY will use their MLE to sign him. The one thing is that NY does not have his Bird's rights, but in this case it shouldn't matter since NY is not in luxury tax territory.

(1/2) Lots of confusion out there. To repeat: Lin will be restricted FA. No Bird rights. But Knicks can match any offer.

(2/2) Under "Arenas" rule, no team can offer Lin more than avg player salary, approx $5 mil. Knicks can match using midlevel exception,

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