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I didn't say you couldn't. In fact, I'd be happy with that pairing. I much prefer Dragic to Bayless.

My only point was that if the Raptors bring in Dragic next year, he'll be 26. If Calderon continues to be the starter for another one-three seasons, suddenly Dragic won't be the starter until is 27-29 years old. To me, that's not the definition of "point guard of the future". To me, that player needs to be either a guy who's 24-26 now that will come in and start immediately, or a guy who's 19-23 that Calderon can mentor for a couple seasons. Dragic is neither, unless the Raps hand an unproven guy the starting job on a silver platter, in the hopes that he will become a star.
I agree with this sentiment as well. But in order to find a guard that is 19-23 I really think the best option is the draft. This is not a draft thread, so I'm not going to go into it much.. but I think the Raps should get a backup guy for Calderon from FA (like Dragic or Miller) and use that pairing until we can find that PG in the draft. Hopefully that ends up being this year, so we don't need to splurge on a PG in FA.