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I used to think the league would use its officials to:
- help teams win home games
- help big market teams win
- help promote stars
... now I am sure of it.

Is NBA on court play fixed? not really it is not the WWE. But it is obvious that it uses officials to manipulate the outcome of games and the promotion of stars.

The league is against great defensive players (Amir Johnson and James Johnson get the cheapest foul calls).
The foul count last night was Toronto->28 Newyork->18 terrible rhythm interrupting calls in the 2nd half took all the mojo out of Toronto's great play.

consider this excerpt from Blowing the Whistle, by Tim Donaghy.

Jeremy Lin is a great kid and an inspirational story but is it really a co-incidence that in year without Yao Ming that suddenly an unknown Asian kid has ridden to immediate stardom? and in such a short time?

Its great for the league - JLin is everywhere
heck its even great for MLSE they sold 20,096 seats last night.

If that is going on in the game I shudder to think about what is going on behind closed doors, in draft lotteries... do we even get to see the lottery now?

Toronto never gets stars and when it does they go for a nothing in return
Vince Carter for Alonzo Mourning Eric Williams and Joey Graham...?
Tracey McGrady for???
Damon Stoudamire for??
Roy Hibbert for???

Connect the dots people:
-> Kevin McHale life time Celtic
-> Goes to GM Twolves
-> trades away the best player in the league to...?

Why would the league want Toronto as a have not? it is after all the 4th biggest market and if you are considering it Canadas team - maybe the 2nd biggest market. so why?
ANSWER: American TV. They dont like Canada and neither do their sponsors many of who don't sell to Canadian Consumers (IE Direct TV)

People will flame this post as being conspiracy filled - go ahead but until you see Toronto do anything but feed other teams talent and wins its hard to argue that something don't smell funny.

After last night 4th quarter I am reminded to just enjoy the game for what it is but understand that 2nd round play will be few and far between and likely the apex of any generation of Raptor Ball... if your lucky.
lol if this were true and that the officials would just manipulate the outcome of games and the promotion of stars, let's pray that JV can do insane well, get major attention so we can get good calls for once

But all jokes aside, i don't think there really is a conspiracy to change the outcome of a game. It's more like there is some bias in the way that officials officiate. I mean, take Kobe and LeBron for example. They both get most of the calls their way cuz they've earned their spot in the NBA as great players and thus ref favor them a bit more when it comes to calls. But if you look at players such as DeRozen (Only gonna use him as an example cuz he was pretty frustrated yesterday with the calls against him) are less known and thus get the calls against them a bit more. There's no conspiracy against the Raptors, but some bias towards the more well known players.