After watching the game last night, I am very disappointed at the basketball fan base in Toronto. Why the hell did half the ACC blow up in cheers when Lin hit the three to ice the game? If I had just turned on the the TV with 27 seconds left, I would have sworn it was a road game.

I understand that Lin is the "in thing" right now, and I'll be honest, that I'm rooting for the guy, too. It is an incredible story, and he seems to be a great guy, but if you come into our house, wearing any other jersey that doesn't say "raptors" on it, you need to get boo'd. There is no air of hostility towards the visiting teams here in Toronto like fans show in other nba cities. Would we here any reaction like we did at the end of the game in favor of the visiting team in OKC? in Chicago? in Boston? Heck I'll even wager that fans in cities where the teams aren't that good this year like Washington or Cleveland or Sacramento wouldn't even have the same reactions.

I'm very embarrassed that this city is not showing the Raptors the support that they deserve. I almost threw up seeing the Knicks celebrate on our center court, on top of our logo, with fans cheering them on. Am I the only one feeling this, or am I just another one of those die hard raptors fans that drank too much of the kool-ade?