We've all been talking about the free agent class, right? Well here's one for you. The Raptors could have upwards of around $22M if they chose to use the amnesty clause. Without that they're still looking at like $12M. They're set to take on JV and possibly a top five lotto selection. They're going to get a big influx of talent at to key positions right there. They can add another guy, maybe good enough to be a starter in his own right, by sending Ed or Amir packing. So, we could be looking at a suped up core(addition of three young guys good enough to start) without even putting the keys in the ignition during summer free agency. If that plays out and the Raptors enter free agency how would you feel if instead of becoming "buyers" it turns out they become "eaters" by facilitating a cap dump trade by another team? Typically these sorts of trades don't lead to great players coming back but a lot of times 1st rounders are tossed in to sweeten the pot for the eater. I'll give you an example of a scenario and I am not endorsing this play, but I'm just trying to paint a picture for you of how one of these deal could work.

Houston enters free agency at around $30M in guaranteed contract and whole lot of team options on players. If they were to find a taker for Kevin Martin that would allow them to be power buyers in the summer to totally revamp their squad overnight. Who know's maybe they see what the Heat did and they decide to replicate it on a lower level. What if the Raptors and Rockets got together and did this:

Kevin Martin, 1st rounder for Solomon Alabi(team option)?

I know it sounds crazy but keep in mind in this scenario the Raptors have added two starters via high lottery picks and a third via an Amir Johnson or Ed Davis trade and the Rockets are looking to get rid of K-mart a year early so that they can be big players this summer. For the Raptors by adding a vet with only a year left on the books and a 1st rounder they've essentially done two things. Shored up their wing scoring, added another kick at the can in the 2013 draft and opened up options in 2013 free agent class should the free agent class of 2012 be uninterested in Toronto as a destination. Thoughts? There are other possible plays like this, this is just a hypothetical scenario.