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Brandon Jennings. History with Demar. Big time player. I would take up any contract and offer everything except for Val + current first rounder to get him.

Again I don' think that particular trade with Philly is bad. In fact I fear we will have good competition in the unlikely event of Philly selling Holiday. I am just opposed to the idea of taking up bad contracts.
Jennings is barely 6'1", hardly a defensive stopper at PG or SG like Holiday, and known to take highly questionable shots. His on/off court point differential with Milwaukee are startling: the Bucks are -1.9 with him on the court and +5.3 with him off. In other words they are 7.2 points better with Jennings on the bench.

Despite that, Jennings is a player and he has considerable talent. Do you think you are getting Jennings without taking back a bad contract or not giving up JV or current first rounder? There is no way Milwaukee parts with Jennings without attaching Udrih and/or Gooden to the deal. I'd rather have one year of Brand than 4 years of Gooden at a much less salary.

I understand not wanting to take a bad contract. However, I don't think 1 year of an overpaid Brand is a bad thing. He is 100% professional, mature, experienced, and a banger on defense. In terms of the type of players Casey is looking for, Brand would be it.