Not really anything new in terms of insight in this article. It is predominantly talking about the backlog at PF with Bargnani, Amir, and ED but also points out JJ and Kleiza appear to be more effective at the position as well. So the backlog might be worse than it initially appeared.

One thing that did catch my eye though was on Barbosa:

The power forward slot, though, is not the only area that could be shaken up in the month to come. Colangelo has made no secret of the fact that Leandro Barbosa is an attractive asset to contending teams, as his scoring punch off of the bench basically slides into any situation, and his expiring contract makes him doubly attractive to potential suitors. In trying to trade Barbosa, though, the Raptors are going to have to ward off the belief that they'll simply release the guard if no trade can be consummated by the deadline. If teams believe that they can just work to secure him as a free agent, they may not entertain the thought of parting with an asset to get him to their club. It will be very interesting to see how Colangelo plays this one out.

I have not heard anything prior to this about Barbosa being bought out. Has anyone else? I cannot see BC or the Raptors paying him to go away.