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Thread: Hypothetically

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    If we somehow got #1 you take Davis in a heartbeat and marvel at our otherworldly frontcourt. You could move Davis AND Amir.

    If you get the second pick (and Davis somehow wasn't drafted) i'd flip it to move down a couple spots and try and get 2 first rounders or a first rounder and a stud. Drummond really doesn't do much for me at all.

    This is all speculative on how the draft is currently, anyways. There's going to be big movers (MKG/Miller) and fallers (looking at you, Drummond/PJ3) so until march madness and workouts have happened there's no point in really getting into this now.

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    Quote Papa Burgundy wrote: View Post
    You think the Toronto Raptors, with Bargnani, Ed Davis and Amir Johnson - and desperate need of depth at SF and Guard spots will draft a PF? IF they got the #1 pick, they'd have to think hard about what to do with it, but beyond that I'd say there is no way the Raps go with a PF in the lottery.

    To answer the thread question, turning the #1 into 2 high lottery picks sounds like a tasty idea ... but other GMs know that there are many quality pieces up top, and a team like NO needs lots of pieces ... i'm sure a deal is there.
    If MKG and Barnes are off the board, this team picks a big unless something big changes between now and the draft. If MKG and Barnes are gone then that means Sullinger or Drummand are there at 5. Sullinger was going to go number one last year until he decided to return and is a fantastic prospect with major post skills and great size.Think DeMarcus Cousins but less athletic and not crazy. Drummand likely has the most upside out of everyone in the draft and has the potential to be a Dwight Howard kind of player. If one of them is there you take them, and makes moves so they fit in the line up. They are elite prospects and could both be franchise guys.

    That said, Lamb is high on a lot of boards. I don't really like him over Drummand or Sullinger but he is a good player and would fit our needs better. I don't think it's an issue either way, MKG is not going ahead of either Sullinger or Drummand and will be there for us to take.

    If someone offers us 2 and 3 for 1 in this draft I take it in a second. Drummand and Barnes are easily worth Davis, especially to a team like us that has a good power forward.
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    You take A Davis over bargs every day, jonas and anthony would be a championship caliber front court both defensively and offensively.

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