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This is a fatal does of why-should-I-bother-to-keep-trying?

Effective role players: Kleiza, JJ, Amir, Gray. By the way, when I say effective role players, I am referring to bench players. Kleiza, JJ, Amir, and Gray is a very effective bench in my opinion.

Casey might not be genius but Dirk says they wouldn't have won without him and he did set up a system to shut down Wade AND LeBron. If that is not genius then it is at the very least extremely intelligent.

Valanciunas is as unproven as any draft pick. Considering in two games against AK47 and Kristic he put up 11.5 points and 8.5 rebounds as a 19 year old, I think his chances fair very well for success at the NBA level.

The Raptors, known as the worst defensive team in the league the last 2 seasons, have evolved in to an average defensive team with predominantly the same players. The Raps are 14th in Opp/PPG and 18th in defensive rating. Regardless of whether or not Bargnani is a great defensive player as that is a discussion for another thread, the team has played better defense with him on the court than off and his opp/PER in 13 games this season is a very impressive 10.5. This, of course, forgets he was 5th in scoring in the entire league in the games he played.

As for Nash's presence not making the defense any better, how so? Phoenix is a much better defensive team with Nash on the floor than off (103.5 points per 100 possessions on versus 110.3 off). His individual opponents PER is 13.3 which is very impressive considering Rondo's is 11.8, Paul's is 15.2, and Calderon's is 17.5 (all stats from 82games.com). Nash is not a stellar defender by any stretch but he is no worse than Calderon - and possibly better.

How is it so the Raptors need three max players? How is that working out in New York? Memphis? Of course there are examples of it working out as well, Miami for example, however there is no guarantee is my only point.

$20M is not enough? That depends on what you do with it. If you are talking strictly free agency, I agree. However salary cap space is for much more than free agency - trades?

Another DeRozan or Davis isn't going to change the team's fortunes - now that is something I can agree with.

Considering Colangelo has taken two different teams and had a 20-plus win differential from one season to the next, I am going to take him at his word when he says they will hit the ground running next season (but I am also a BC-fanboy). I appreciate the negativity and understand its root but given the amount of flexibility the team has over the next 5 months, I don't think it can be argued strongly for or against what the next 2 years hold. However blanket negative statements with nothing behind them but negative opinions is hardly grounds for a doom and gloom prophecy with any merit.
I was going to respond to his post and thought why waste my time educating him with the facts and say things I shouldn't. Thanks Matt for summarizing and taking the time to respond in how I was too lazy to, and probably smart to leave out the things I shouldn't say.