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Nash is modestly better than Calderon at this time, and I say that in the belief that Jose is the Raptors MVP, hands down, this season. Father time can not be denied, there is no logical argument that says Nash will not decline in performance in this very late stage in his great career. Bob Cousy and John Stockton are the only NBA point guards to play past 40. They both played their last game at age 41.

Jose is already here, performing at a high level, and under contract through next season. The Olympics are relatively early in the summer (July) this time around. He has put up a lot of minutes year in and year out and he's a mere pup at 30.
Nash is modestly better? Do you see what he is doing in Phoenix, in the western conference no less, with the shit roster he has to work with? I'm not knocking Calderon, he is a good PG. But Nash is one of the best of all time.

Father time cannot be denied. He would be a 3 year - at most - pick up. A big difference between Nash and Cousy/Stockton is medical advances and Nash's training. Nash's off-season and in season training does not get enough credit. He is a physical freak and fitness freak.

I disagree on Jose being a mere pup next season at 31. I also disagree with the impact of the Olympics. That is a topic beat to death so I'll spare everyone again. My comments are here in the thread on the matter.