I would have loved to see Steve Nash as a Raptor, but no one forced the Raptors to go ball out for Steve Nash. He owes the Raptors nothing, and he owes Toronto no loyalty. If you choose to get upset with him you are discriminating against him because he is Canadian, with the rationale being we are Canada's team every American player in Europe should play in D-League in the U.S. First he is from Victoria, if this was the Vancouver Grizzlies we may have a leg to stand on with regards to being upset with him. Second, please provide me the quote in which Steve Nash said he wanted to play for the Raptors or he wanted them to pursue him. I do not recall seeing that. As for him quitting the National team, get your heads out of your asses. He has done more for Basketball in Canada than anyone has done before. Him choosing the Knicks has no effect on that. If there is collateral damage to Canadian Basketball the blame goes squarley on moronic Canadians, and Bryan Colangelo for mis reading the situation.