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Thread: Deadline Trades for Every Teams

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    Default Deadline Trades for Every Teams

    1) Atlanta trade Al Horford + Joe Johnson + Jeff Teague + 2012 1st round pick + 2013 1st round pick
    Orlando trade Dwight Howard + Jameer Nelson + Gilbert Arenas

    Reason: Atlanta gets the prize of the Howard along with Nelson to build their franchise along with Josh Smith to form their trio. Orlando gets Joe Johnson, an allstar veteran along with Horford to man the middle while given room for Ryan Andersen or Glenn Davis battling for the 4 spot.

    2) Boston trade Rajon Rondo + Kevin Garnett + 2012 1st round pick (swap)
    Goldenstate trade Monta Ellis + Andris Biedrins + 2012 1st round pick (swap)

    Reason: Boston seems like they will part with Rondo and they desperately need a scorer consider Ray Allen will probably declare retirement after this year or be traded to another team. Ellis give them the option at both the 1 and 2 spot while Biedrins with a change of scenery, could shine under Doc Rivers' system. Goldenstate get a veteran in Kevin Garnett who can play the C spot or comes off the bench for David Lee. Rondo will play the 1 spot while Curry can play SG, this will give the Warriors one of the best backcourt duo in the league.

    3) Charlotte trade DJ Augustin + Reggie Williams + 2012 2nd round pick
    Toronto trade Jose Calderon + Linas Kleiza

    Reason: Charlotte needs a pass first point guard and with the uprising of Kemba Walker, Calderon can play the backup with his stock on the rise. Kleiza can provide them with some veteran scoring presence given the fact if one of Maggette or Tyrus Thomas is injured. As for Toronto, we get DJ Augustin who have lost favors under the Bobcats system but i see him as a starter caliber player on a bad team. Toronto also acquire Reggie Williams who has been a target for signing during the off season.

    4) Chicago trade Carlos Boozer + CJ Watsons + 1st round pick (From Bobcats 2012 top protected lottery pick)
    LAL trade Pau Gasol + Matt Barnes + Derek Fisher + 2012 1st round pick

    Reason: Chicago gets an upgrade in Gasol and Barnes while LAL gets Boozer (would love to play with Kobe and Bynum) to form their duo, with the three they will have a chance for a title run. CJ Watsons can start at the 1 spot for LAL besides LAL also acquire a top pick in 2012 from the Bobcats whom they can grab one of Davis, H.Barnes or PJIII.

    5) Cleveland trade Antawn Jamison
    Sacramento trade Marcus Thornton

    Reason: Cleveland acquire a sharpshooter in Marcus Thornton who can immediately start for the team or battle the 2 spot with Alonzo Gee while Sacramento desperately need a true 3 while Antawn Jamison still have some oil left in his tank, he can definitely provide the team with some veteran presence.

    6) Dallas trade Rodrique Beaubois + Jason Terry
    New Jersey trade Anthony Morrow + Damion James + Jordan Farmar

    Reason: Dallas get an upgrade in Morrow who could start or comes off the bench as a 6th man. Damion James is a prospect perimeter defender who could gel with the Mavericks. Farmar is thrown in for cap balance. New Jersey acquire a prospect in Beaubois who could come off the bench for D.Williams while Jason Terry, with some oil left in his tank, can either start or comes off the bench with the emerging Marshon Brooks.

    7) Denver trade Kenneth Faried + Rights of Wilson Chandler + 2012 1st round pick
    Toronto trade Ed Davis + R.Butler

    Reason: Denver receives a good prospect in Ed Davis and with decline of Kevin Martin, Davis will step in at the starting lineup position and with a change of scenery, I believe Ed Davis can make a difference for his new team. Toronto acquires a prospect in Kenneth Faried along with Wilson Chandler whom Bryan Colangelo has been targeting during the off season besides Toronto also acquire a mid-late first rounder from the Nuggets.

    8) Detroit trade Charlie Villaneuva + Rodney Stuckey + 2012 1st round pick (Top 10 unprotected)
    San Antonio trade Tony Parker + Kawahi Leonard

    Reason: Detroit gets Tony Parker and a good prospect in Leonard who could start or comes off the bench for Jerebreko. Parker and Knight will form one of the league's best dynamic backcourt duo for years to come while maintaining their big man in Greg Monroe. San Antonio with the declining of Duncan, they receive two veteran in Charlie V and Stuckey. Charlie V is more of a 3 while Stuckey can play the point at the same time they receive a top 10 pick whom they can grab Sullinger or Thomas Robinson.

    9) Goldenstate trade Ekpe Udoh + Nate Robinson + Cash
    Portland trade Marcus Camby + Armon Johnson

    Reason: Now Goldenstate have Curry and Rondo and Garnett, their backcourt is lacking, Camby is the answer to all the problems when it comes to defense and rebounding. Portland receives an interesting prospect in Ekpe Udoh who could start at PF or C while Nate Robinson can provide some jaw breaking sparkling sensation by coming off the bench.

    10) Houston trade Kevin Martin + Patrick Patterson + Chase Budlinger
    Minnesota trade Derrick Williams + Nikola Pekovic

    Reason: Houston acquire a SF/PF in Derrick Williams who hasn't shown any promises for the Wolves along with a prospect in Pekovic who has shown flashes as a second coming of Marcin Gortat. Minnesota desperately need some scoring as in W.Johnson is not working for them, Kevin Martin can provide them with some scoring option, the Wolves will be on the rise next year with Rubio-Martin-Love along with their top pick for the summer whom they can grab one of MKG or PJIII.

    11) Indiana trade Danny Granger + D.Jones + Jeff Foster
    Utah trade Devin Harris + Alec Burks + Enes Kanter + Rights of AK47 + 2012 1st round pick

    Reason: Indiana receives a veteran in Harris who could come off the bench for Collison while Alec Burks is an interesting prospect at the 2 spot. Enes Kanter hasn't shown any flashes for the Jazz but could thrive under Larry Bird besides the Pacers acquire a top pick from the Jazz. With the rising of Paul George, this makes Granger expendable and with a change of scenery, Granger might push the Jazz for a playoff run.

    12) LAC trade Chauncy Billups + Mo Williams + 2012 second rounder
    SAS trade Manu Ginobili

    Reason: The Clippers need a scoring option other than Paul and Griffin. Ginobili is the answer. The Spurs need to think about rebuild as opposed to another title run and with Parker and Ginobili gone, they have acquire Billups who although is injured this season but will provide the team with some veteran leadership next year. Mo Williams can start at the 2 spot for the team.

    13) LAL trade MWP + Andrew Goudelock
    Detroit trade Ben Gordon + Austin Daye

    Reason: LAL receives Ben Gordon who could provide some scoring off the bench for Kobe while Detroit acquire MWP who has lost favor for the city due to the brawling incident but can definitely make up for it since we all know there is no more Ron Artest bu MWP

    14) Miami trade Norris Cole + Udonis Haslem + Dexter Pittman + 2012 + 2013 1st round picks
    Phoenix trade Steve Nash + Hakim Warrick

    Reason: Miami get Nash who will make all the three trios of Wade, James and Bosh better and a chance for a title run this year. Phoenix is on the verge of rebuild, they get an interesting prospect in Norris Cole, veteran presence in Haslem along with two 1st round picks, hey at least Ma.Morris has shown promises for the young Suns.

    15) Milwaukee trade Steven Jackson + Larry Sanders
    OKC trade Thabo Seflosha + Nazr Mohammad + 2012 1st round pick

    Reason: The Bucks acquire a good defender in Seflosha and the team is looking for a rebuild if they can't make to the playoff this year. OKC is going for a title run and with the recent acquire of S.Jax, it could be a guarantee, S.Jax can come off the bench for the team while Larry Sanders is an interesting prospect who can play both 4 and 5 off the bench.

    16) Memphis trade OJ Mayo + Darrel Arthur
    Philly trade Elton Brand + Craig Brackins

    Reason: Memphis receive Elton Brand who will come off the bench if one of Randolph or Gasol is injured, this will secure them a playoff run for a title this year. Philly receives OJ Mayo and with a change of scenery, Mayo could possibly prove to the league that he's a legit starter and possible allstar for years to come. D.Arthur has shown promises and can start or comes off the bench for the Sixers.

    17) Minnesota trade Luke Ridnour + Martell Webster
    Orlando trade JJ Reddick + Daniel Orton

    Reason: With the newly acquirement of K.Martin, Budlinger, and P.P atterson, the Timberwolves also look to add JJ Reddick who could comes off the bench for Rubio along with a big man prospect in Orton. The Magic looks for rebuild with the departure of Howard, they will acquire Ridnour who is a good scoring PG along with Webster who might turn into a star-caliber player for the Magic at the 3 spot.

    18) New Jersey trade Kris Humphries + Shawne Williams
    Washington trade Andrej Blatche

    Reason: New Jersey will make a playoff push and they need a 4, with the on and off the court issue with Humphries, he looks expendable. Blatche has lost favor for the Wizards and with a change of scenery, I'm quite sure it would make a huge difference for the team. Washington looks to add a big man veteran in Humphries who can come off the bench for Vesly.

    19) New Orleans trade Chris Kaman
    New York trade Iman Shumpert + Baron Davis

    Reason: Baron Davis goes back to his old team and possibly look for retirement after this year. Iman Shumpert is a good prospect who could immediately start at the 2 for the injured Gordon. The Knicks with the surging of Linsanity, they are looking for someone who can play the 5 spot or as a backup, Kaman has lost favor for the Hornets and is looking for a playoff running team, the Knicks could use some help from Kaman with his veteran presence.

    20) New York trade Amare Stoudamire + Landry Fields
    Sacramento trade T.Evans, Jason Thompsons, JJ Hickson

    Reason: Stoudamire can't gel with C.Anthony, The Knicks is Anthony and Lin's team and they need another scorer and possibly T.Evans. I just hope Evans won't make Lin expendable in the summer since Evans is known to play the 1 spot. Hickson can man the 4 spot while J.Thompson can come off the bench. Sacramento will look for a rebuild with Fredette at the one spot, they are looking for someone in the middle and that person is Stoudamire who will look to make the Kings his team along with Cousins, the question is will the two gel together. Landry Fields is a good defensive presence for the Kings, something that the team lacks for a long time since C.Webber and Divac era.

    21) OKC trade Eric Maynor + Cole Adrich
    Washington trade Roger Mason Jr + Chris Singleton

    Reason: OKC acquire a good backup SG in Roger Mason Jr and a prospect in C.Singleton who could come off the bench for Durant or Ibaka. Washington looks for an upgrade at the backup PG in Maynor and backup C in C.Adrich.

    22) Orlando trade Jason Richardson
    Houston trade Hasheem Thabeet + Terrence Williams

    Reason: Now the Magic have J.Johnson, Teague, Horford, they will be looking at the 5 spot. Thabeet hasn't proven anything in the league but he just might thrive with the Magic. T.Williams can come off the bench for J.Johnson, the future of the Magic looks bright. Houston get a veteran in Jason Richardson.

    23) Philly trade Andre Igoudala
    Dallas trade Shawn Marion + Brendan Wright + 2012 1st round pick

    Reason: Phily is Turner and Holiday's team now and with the newly acquirement of Mayo, Igoudala is expendable. Philly gets a veteran in Shawn Marion who could play the 4 spot while T.Young handle the 3. Brendan Wright is a good prospect. Dallas will look to defend its title but not with their aging players, they need Igoudala when playoff comes around, the explosive Igoudala is something the Mavericks need when they face teams like the Trailblazers, Lakers, Thunder, or the Grizzlies.

    24) Portland trade Nicholas Batum + Greg Oden
    New Orleans trade Emeka Okafor + Marco Belinelli + 2012 second round

    Reason: Portland acquire Emeka Okafor when both Camby and Oden are traded. Okafor will start for the team at the 5 spot to provide the team with some defense presence. Marco Belinelli is a spotup shooter who could come off the bench for Wesly Mathew. Hornets get Nicolas Batum who could start for the team at the 3 or 4 spot, he's a good player to build around when E.Gordon gets healthy and with a top pick in the upcoming draft, watch out for the sting of the Hornets.

    25) Phoenix trade Grant Hill + Robin Lopez
    Atlanta trade Marvin Williams + Zaza Pachulia

    Reason: Grant Hill will be looking for a championship-caliber team and with the recent acquire of D.Howard, the Hawks look promising. Hill can provide the team with some veteran leadership presence along with R.Lopez who could come off the bench for D.Howard. The young suns look to add a veteran in Marvin Williams who might turn into a great player under a new environment.

    26) Sacramento trade Francisco Garcia + Tyler Honeycutt
    Chicago trade Ronnie Brewer + Omer Asik

    Reason: The Kings look to add a perimeter defender in Brewer and backup C in Omer Asik. The Bulls look to acquire Garcia, a veteran who can light up the corner 3 and an interesting prospect in Honeycutt

    27) San Antonio trade Richard Jefferson
    LAC trade Randy Foye

    Reason: Simple trade for both team, the Spurs with the departure of Ginobili and Parker, they need a 2 (Foye), LAC with the departure of Gordon and Billups, they need a three who can play the two in Jefferson.

    28) Utah trade Paul Millsap
    Boston trade Ray Allen

    Reason: Utah looks to acquire a veteran 2 in Ray Allen who could start or come off the bench for Raja Bell and with the newly acquire of Danny Granger, the team looks to make a difference. The Celtics will break the big three with the departure of Ray, Rondo, and Garnett, but with Ellis and Millsap, the Celtics look promising, then again, it is Paul Pierce's team.

    29) Washington trade Rashard Lewis + Nick Young
    Cleveland trade Ryan Hollins + Ramon Sessions + Andersen Varejao

    Reason: With the emergence of Jordan Crawford, Nick Young looks expendable. Rashard Lewis is a cancer to the team but could provide some veteran help for the Cavs while Nick Young looks to man the 2 spot. The Wizards look to add two bigs in Hollins and Varejao who could come off the bench for J.McGee. Sessions is a great player who could come off the bench for either Wall or Crawford.
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    My god man you need to share what you are smoking. First off Arenas is no longer with Orlando so they can't trade him, and...forget it there is just too much.
    Kudos for the extensive thought and typing. A tip would be to consider salaries in your trades as the CBA has a few rules that must be adhered to for a trade to work. Try the trade machine on ESPN you will probably have a lot of fun with it.

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    The next GM of the Raptors?

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