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I can see him as a passable offensive player, an above average or better defender and an excellent rebounder. He understands positioning, boxes out well and has excellent timing with his weak side shot blocking. 10/12/2 would be the big time numbers I see for him. Wet dream numbers would be 16/14/3.
For Ed Davis to average 12 rpg player, he would need to first become a star (all around or 1st or 2nd all defensive team) or play heavy minutes on really bad team. I don't see the former as being realistic and I hope the latter will not be realized.

You can peruse the following web page to see how few players average 12+ rebounds per game in any one season.


Reggie Evans had the best rebounding rate last year, yet not many teams were interested in his service and his minutes were cut by 40% this year.