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Thread: Raptor Trade Proposals?

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    Default Raptor Trade Proposals?

    Toronto receives - Utah's Trade Exception equal Jose's salary, Devin Harris, and CJ Miles
    Utah receives - Linas Kleiza, Jose Calderon, Leandro Barbosa

    Devin Harris hasn't been himself recently, but maybe give him a change of scenery, a role in a young team, he'll have the opportunity to pick it up. CJ Miles, I've always been a fan of his game, can shoot the three ball, and has always had good games against the Raptors, plus his expiring contract gives us the ability to re-sign him if he's good, or let him walk for his 3 mil. Than, we've got the money to go after Wilson Chandler, which is the number one option for us, and maybe Utah can include their second round pick.

    PG - Devin Harris, Jerryd Bayless, Utah's 2012 2nd Rounder.
    SG - Demar Derozan, CJ Miles
    SF - Wilson Chandler, Barnes/Gilchrist, James Johnson
    PF - Andrea Bargnani, Ed Davis, Amir Johnson
    C - Jonas Valanciunas, Amir Johnson, Aaron Gray

    Utah gets a much better point guard, expiring contract of Barbosa and use as an asset both on the court or for the market. Kleiza gives them what we've received, which would be more useful for them, especially without a real wing scorer.


    Toronto receives - Kirk Hinrich, Marvin Williams, OJ Mayo, Darrell Arthur or Tony Allen (either would work)
    Memphis receives - Amir Johnson, Demar Derozan
    Atlanta receives - Barbosa, Kleiza, Bayless

    You've got a very good swingman in OJ Mayo, although unfortunately to do this you'll have to give up Demar Derozan, a veteran guard in Kirk Hinrich, a promising small foward in Marvin William, and an energetic power forward Darrell Arthur or defensive shooting guard Tony Allen (prefer Tony Allen because of big men jam). Plus, Kirk, OJ, and Tonys' contracts are expiring. So if Wilson Chandler isn't successful during the season, we have Marvin Williams at the three, and if Marvin doesn't work out, we have money to maybe go after Chandler once again in the off-season, or a better small forward. Memphis gets help down low in the paint, because Amir is a better power forward than Darrell Arthur, and Demar Derozan would really compliment Rudy Gay, with his penetration. Atlanta get's the "Jamal Crawford" off the bench they once had, Kleiza would be another scoring option, and a younger point guard in Bayless to back up Teague, both similar playing styles, but Teague more of a passing guard than scorer.

    PG - Calderon, Hinrich
    SG - OJ Mayo, Forbes, or Tony Allen
    SF - Marvin Williams, Barnes/Gilchrist, James Johnson, Forbes
    PF - Andrea Bargnani, Ed Davis, or Darrell Arthur
    C - Jonas Valanciunas, Aaron Gray, Magloire

    These are just a couple I was playing around with, and thought these could be well in the long run.

    1st Trade - Positives: Young starting lineup, good point guard in Devin Harris (with change in scenery, can maybe be back to allstar level back when a Net), CJ Miles, Barnes/Gilchrist, James Johnson, Ed & Amir, Bayless would create a powerful bench. Defensive front court, explosive backcourt.
    Negatives: Bayless and Harris leading the guard situation would be very fun to watch, but it's a risk, because Bayless is a scoring guard and young, and Devin Harris could just perform like he is right now in Utah. Log jam of talent/potential at the three, which I don't think is bad, but could potentially slow down the progression of this year's draft pick, Johnson, and even Chandler.

    2nd Trade - Positives: Offensively scary on the wings, especially with Calderon creating them really good looks at the basket. A guy that can take the final shot in OJ Mayo, Ed Davis gets the full time off the bench, good all-around production from the wings on BOTH ends of the court.
    Negatives: Marvin Williams is in a same position like Devin Harris, but there won't be any problem replacing him with Barnes/Gilchrist, and James Johnson. The Big men off the bench aren't as reliable, because you only have one option from power forwards to give Bargnani a rest, and since Ed is still progressing, it's going to be up & down. OJ Mayo gives ALOT of positives, but just hope he won't regress like he has been in the last couple years.

    I prefer trade number 1, but trade number 2 seems smarter. What do you guys think? Any better trades that could be possible?
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    This is kind of a fantasy/realistic thing talking about letting go of Jose and Barbosa to contenders, a small forward, Chandler in Toronto & etc.
    Twitter: @ReubenJRD NBA, Raptors writer for Daily Hive Vancouver, Toronto.

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