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How rewarding is it for you to see this plan come together?
"It was a long, tough three years for me. Once Donnie (Walsh) left, I knew the situation. When I talked to the owners I had a vision of how I wanted to do it. Out of the 13 guys, 12 of them are ones I brought here. So I have a sense of the type of player I want and what type of team I like to see play -- not only for me but for the franchise. We want to continue to get better, we want to continue to draft well and we're still looking. We've got $15 million under the cap and I'm not afraid to make another move now to strengthen our bench or maybe even (add) one or two guys. We're still out there looking and whatever we can do to make this team better, we're going to do."
Does the team's success thus far have any impact on how you approach the trade deadline, in terms of your interest in pursuing more changes?
"I'm going continue to do whatever I can to make this team better. If I see a player out there I think can make us better, I'm going to go ahead and make the move. It could be a trade, but it's probably going to be picking up somebody off another team just so they can get some money off (the salary cap). We've got a lot of calls in, talked to a lot of people and we're going to try to continue to strengthen this team."
First off, I'm not saying that the Pacers want Barbosa or any other Raptor, but this is promising if indeed Toronto wants Wilson Chandler this season.

What do you guys think? Is there anyone the Pacers might want that Toronto would be willing to part with in order to get Chandler?