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You guys are crazy, Calderon is among the best pick and roll guys in the game and I would argue that he is currently the best after Nash and maybe Paul. He only has a year left on his contract. You want to move him for Collison and a second? I might take Collison and a first but come on, the guy only gets 5 assists a game on a team that is way better than the Raps.
This team needs a great set up guy to succeed: Jose is that guy. Everyone wants to get an all star point but they forget that when this team was in the playoffs and had Bosh, Jose was basically on that level and was snubbed. We put the right guys around him, and Jose will lead us to a title, he is that good.
I agree, but remember this is also a salary dump in the hopes of signing Wilson Chandler. So it would be more like: Calderon for Collison, a pick and Chandler, which to me, is a great deal.

However, since it seems likely that Denver will re-sign Chandler, I wouldn't do this deal with Indiana unless I was certain Toronto could get Chandler.