Jared Sullinger - tweener any idiot of and NBA GM knows this guys game will not prosper in the PF filled NBA.
Sean May, Marcus Fizer, Jordan Hill, Tyrus Thomas, Ike Diogu, shelden williams

the list goes on forever - nice NCAA players in the paint but they can not get their game off in NBA due to size.
First rounder yes. Lottery pick no way. I like Jared's game he is a great kid. But lottery?

he is first on my list for a reason because OMG if raps get a PF in a draft like this it would be non-reconcilable worse than drafting Hoffa.

Steve Nash - I love Steve Nash -but as a player no. By the time Raps are respectable Nash will be in wheelchair alongside Professor Xavier.
As a front office type sure I may be open to that after his playing career.

Leandro Barbosa - fun to watch. creative. deadly when he gets on a roll. but does not defend 2's well. does not fit in with the culture of D Casey moving forward IMO. Lets face it he and his contract are a welcome replacement for Hedork Turk-o-glue. But, on the real, teams that he has been on don't go deep. Never will. Must have size and desire to defend perimeter if you are 2a.

Rasual Butler - Rasual Butler thank you for staying shape and remaining a decent defender. This is not hate you did what millions of other could not... but c ya

did I miss any?