The lists.....

The "please god don't draft him" list:

-Definitely agree with Sullinger
-Perry Jones
-Terrence Jones

Don't know or haven't seen enough of other people to know anything. I'd be ok with Barnes, MKG, and a number of other options. I don't see the point in drafting a PF unless we get the #1, and many tweeners are busts.

-the "get them off our team" list:

-Barbosa: Captain Random needs to go. Can be a black hole, and his role is worthless on a rebuilding team.
-Carter: He left his last leg somewhere in the summer and has been running on stumps it seems. Like his character, but really has no business getting NBA minutes.
-Alabi: JV is coming, you can't get minutes on a bad team with no real C...sorry, I hope you get another shot, but no reason to keep you around
-Magloire: He's given way more than what I ever expected, and has been a pretty good character guy in this attempt at a culture change, but his playing days look done. He has moments, some good games, but if we can upgrade we really should. words needed...and well, the same for Forbes, although I don't want to kick his knee every time he shoots a jumper.
-Amir: Sorry Amir. I take Ed's side because of the cheaper, younger and more upside thing.
-Bayless: Ok, we all know it now, SG in a PG's body, just as many of us thought. May never be able to start as a PG and probably not suited to being a backup if we get a young PG to start ahead of him.
-Note: Not attached to guys like Kleiza, Gray, Calderon but would gladly trade them for someone as long as roster balance can be maintained. Kind of want to see JJ's year play out, I think everyone likes his D, so it's intriguing.

the "you want him here? really?" list:

-Boris Diaw: If BC decides to bring back his old buddy....well then I want what he's smoking.
-Jonny Flynn: I don't want the Raptors to be the team that gives you a shot...I worry BC will try this out if there are no other PG options.
-Anyone currently on Washington...dysfunctional young team if I ever saw one.
-Shannon Brown: Dwyane Wade without the talent or heart...which makes you a good athlete.
-Jameer Nelson: I've seen you miss, no, wait, not miss...not even see passes you should make to Howard too many times to want you running Toronto's pick and roll.