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When we think of teams going after big-name free agents this summer, thoughts usually turn to New York, New Jersey, Chicago and Miami.

But what about Oklahoma City? With the likes of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Jeff Green and James Harden and a 12-10 record, they're looking a lot better on paper right now than any of the aforementioned teams. And as ESPN's Jalen Rose notes, they could be a force with the addition of a big man that draws double teams.

"If the Thunder can get a Chris Bosh or Amare Stoudemire-type player, they will be contenders in the West," he writes. "They need a power forward who can draw double-teams, defend the post and rebound his position."

Remember this, too: the Thunder have the projected cap space to sign a Bosh or Stoudemire. If neither minds playing in a smaller market with a younger team, the Thunder's talent and skill level -- and possible playoff appearance this spring -- might be an attractive sell.
Could you imagine that team with Bosh in the fold? Talk about an exciting future in OKC.

This is what Marc Stein had to say too:

"Still wondering why we're always saying that the Thunder, for all the cracks about unfashionable Oklahoma City, are the envy of countless teams? On top of the wildly promising four-man core of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Jeff Green and James Harden and the good crowds, OKC is poised to make its first significant foray into free agency. The Thunder still have to convince skeptics they can lure a big-name signing to their humble outpost and prove they're willing to pull the trigger on big spending -- it wouldn't surprise anyone if they merely seek a quality piece or two and save some of the money to pay all the kids -- but sunglasses are definitely required with an outlook this bright."
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