The "Big Spender" punishing CBA is in place and will start hurting a team near you shortly. This is old news.

I have not heard much about the NBA's revenue sharing plans since the lockout had ended. Back then there were only rumors circulating that the Owners were working on it. Well, according to Joe Maloof, one of the owners of the Sacramento Kings, revenue sharing has undergone a big change:
Joe Maloof reiterated that the family finances are in order, and added that the league's new, post-lockout revenue-sharing plan is "a game-changer for every small market."

"Shoot, it's five times greater than it was before," Maloof said. "Things are different now because with revenue sharing, you have an opportunity with a small-market team to compete with the large market. So our position now [compared to] a couple years ago is completely different. We've got cap space. We're going to have revenue sharing.

"It's great for all the small markets, for the Utahs of the world, and the Portlands, the San Antonios. The league did a really good job with that. We can do very well with it."

So there you have it. Unless I missed some very major news on sports site and on here then no one is talking about this improved revenue sharing. It's not making headlines like you'd assume it would. So maybe Mr.Maloof inadvertently broke some major news here. Either way, what do you feel this means to the Raptors? I'm not going to argue the level of significance but as the title suggest, there are no more excuses. MLSE, build us a winner damn it!