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Thread: Jonas and Sonny get some love at LKL All-Star Game!

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    Default Jonas and Sonny get some love at LKL All-Star Game!

    This can eventually be merged with the Jonas thread, just thought I'd post this anyway for people to see.

    Jonas was Awarded with the Most Outstanding Player (All-Star Game MVP), posting 25 points, 13 rebounds and 6 assists.


    Jonas showing a sense of humour as well, dressing up as .. Gandolf the Grey??
    Not to mention dressing up as a Ref! Love this kid! (What does that sign say he's holding up??)
    He also skips around the Court to 'Ice, Ice Baby'.

    Am I missing something here?? haha

    And in other news, Sonny Weems was awarded 'Most Impressive Player' for the Foreign players team.
    He also won the Dunk Contest!

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