The question is how surprised Gasol is that Calderon, one of the most efficient point guards in the league — his 4.74 assists per turnover laps the rest of the league this season — is continually being run out of town by fans who want him traded or in the case of last season, actually traded and then brought back when the deal fell through.

“It does surprise me,” Gasol said. “All he cares about his making his teammates better and winning. In the league those guys are hard to find. Guys that just play the right way and get everyone involved and move the ball. They don’t care about anything else but winning.”

That in a nutshell is Calderon. He is so intent on getting a shot for a teammate that he often passes up good shots for himself which also brings on criticism. That kind of unselfishness would seem ideal in a point guard, but apparently he’s not everyone’s cup of tea.
Source: Toronto Sun