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For those who don't think Calderon is top 5, consider:

1) He is tied with Steve Nash as THE BEST passer in the NBA. He is third in assists per game (8.8) behind Rajon Rondo (9.9 assists but two more turnovers per game) and Steve Nash (11.0 assists but also two more turnovers per game than Jose).

2) And related, he has the least turnovers of any point guard in the game. Sexy? No. Does it win you games? Yes.

3) He's believe he's fourth at 3-point shooting percentage, behind Chris Paul, Steve Nash and Kyle Lowry.

4) His 2-point shooting percentage is top 10 as is his rebounding.

5) Defense - hard to judge. From what I've seen he comes in as average.

So you have the best and safest passer in the league, who is a very good shooter and rebounder for his position, and an average defender.

Would I take a Chris Paul or Kyle Lowry over Calderon? Absolutely.
Steve Nash? No - because Calderon has more good years left in him - though Nash is better today.
Rajon Rondo? No. Not as good a passer (especially on our team) and disruptive.
Derrick Rose or Stephen Curry? Better scorers, sure. Make your team better? Not so sure.

If you look at everything? Can you place him top five on performance today? He probably comes in around four or five. Is he top 10? Absolutely.
You don't think Rose makes his team better? I hardly think the Bulls are a championship contender without Rose.

Rondo, not as good a passer? That's a tough argument to sell considering he put up 20 assists last night.